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5.19ct Round Natural Diamonds Martini Setting 3 Prong Studs Earrings

$31,500.00 $45,000.00

This pair of round-cut natural diamonds are impressive in size. Very well cut, dazzlingly brilliant, and eye clean in the ear! Both are exceptionally well cut, They are very brilliant, Perfect for studs! They are graded H for color. They are bright and crisp, with no warmth. The minimalist design consists of a 3 prong, funnel-shaped wire setting, most of which remains hidden behind the diamond while worn.

Shape and Cutting Style: Round Cut
Carat Weight: 2.53ct
Color Grade: H
Clarity Grade: Si2
Size: 8.71mm - 8.78mm

Shape and Cutting Style: Round Cut
Carat Weight: 2.66 ct
Color Grade: H
Clarity Grade: Si2
Size: 8.81mm - 8.80mm

Prongs: 3 Prong
Earring Type: Martini Setting Earrings

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